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Style On Display! Art For Every decor

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Style On Display! Art For Every decor

Style On Display! Art For Every decor Learn About Different Art Styles Finding the right art style to go with your decor can be a daunting task, especially when you have thirteen different styles to browse through and thousands of fine art prints and paintings to choose from. In this article we describe some of the more popular decors and what art styles fit best with them.
But one thing is essential to remember when shopping for art, ?Let the art speak to you?. We can give you tons of advice of what color, subject or style to look for, but in the end it is your taste that matters when choosing the right art for your room.

Classic Decor
Whether your decor style is antique, or has a more romantic touch some of the art styles that you could look for are Baroque, Romanticism, or Impressionism.
  • Baroque Art : Baroque art emerged in the early 17th century, this style is known for its intricate details and exaggerated motions to create clearly defined shapes. The Baroque style is still widely applied by contemporary artists. Even though some Baroque style prints were not created in the 1600s they still have the bold, warm colors and classic look that fit perfectly with an antique or romantic decor.
  • Romanticism Art : Romanticism was started as an artistic movement in the 18th century against aristocracy. This style used fine lines and deep colors to depict dramatic moods and scenes. Today Romanticism is still being used to stress imagination and feeling. These emotional depictions go well in a classic interior, the strong colors will match the warmth of your interior perfectly!
  • Impressionism Art : When thinking of impressionism you have to think of Claude Monet, Pierre Auguste Renoir and Edgar Degas. Impressionism arose in the 19th century, this art style is known for its bright, vivid colors and visible brushstrokes. Most of the time when you are looking close up at these paintings you are unable to visualize the theme of the print, but when stepping away the shapes become clearer. Contemporary artists are still applying these techniques to their fine art prints and paintings today, to re-create this very famous art style.

    The impressionism art style will go perfectly with your classic decor. The simple yet vivid colors mixed with the intricate lines and shapes will command everyones attention.

    Traditional Decor
    Your traditional interior calls for art that is slightly more modern than the classic decor, but it still has some look and feel of the old days. Traditional decors are lively and warm, and require art pieces that bring this same touch. Styles that compliment this interior well are Vintage/Retro art, Art Nouveau, Tribal art and Impressionism.
  • Vintage / Retro Art : Bold, bright and lively is what best describes Vintage art. Add a nostalgic touch to your traditional decor with Retro art. This colorful art style is sure to catch anyone's attention and will go perfectly in any traditional decor. Whether your interior is dual-toned or multi-colored, you will find shades in this collection to perfectly complement your decor.
  • Art Nouveau : Art Nouveau is a style very similar to Art Deco, however, this style uses fine lines, softer tones and brings a flair of elegance to a room. This style has both classic and contemporary qualities to add to your living space, which makes it an ideal match for your traditional interior.
  • Tribal Art : Tribal art is a popular trend in traditional decors, it adds an exotic appeal and an air of adventure to a room. With a distinctive look and feel this art style adds warmth to any living space. Perfect for a bedroom or living room that has a traditional interior.
  • Impressionism Art : Impressionism art is perfect for a classic decor, but it can also be ideal for a traditional interior. The emphasis on light and natural colors in this art style compliment the warmth of a traditional decor. If you are looking to add an art piece to your living space that will command attention then we highly recommend an Impressionism print or painting!

    Contemporary Decor
    Contemporary decors are bright and lively, and therefore the art that accents your contemporary interior should also have these characteristics. For this decor style we recommend that you look at our Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Pop Art, Post Impressionism and of course Contemporary collections.
  • Art Deco & Art Nouveau : Art Deco and Art Nouveau are very similar to each other, they add bold life to a room with both color and style. These are both decorative art styles with intense colors and simplifications, ideal characteristics for a contemporary decor. Though it might at times be difficult to decide what room these creative pieces should go into, we recommend a bedroom or a study. Our collections of Art Deco and Art Nouveau is sure to liven up your living space!
  • Pop Art : Made famous by Andy Warhol in the 1960s, today the bright colors of Pop art are still widely applied. This art style is perfect for a teenagers bedroom, or a game-room. Whether the style of your contemporary decor is preppy, playful or more classic, our wide selection of Pop art is sure to brighten up every room.
  • Post Impressionism : As the name of this art style says Post Impressionism came after Impressionism. Some artists were trying to move away from Impressionism art styles, by using thicker brushstrokes, distinctive paint and bold, vivid colors. One of the major artists in this art movement was Vincent van Gogh. This style is considered more modern than impressionism and is therefore ideal for a contemporary decor.
  • Contemporary Art : Contemporary art styles can be regarded as avant-garde with bold, contrasting, yet neutral colors. This is an art style that can fit into almost any room. It also compliments most interiors, however, we recommend a contemporary decor! This art style will add the perfect modern accent to your contemporary living space.

    Modern Decor
    The best thing about a modern decor is that almost anything goes. You can go bright in color, use any shapes or sizes, and just have fun with your art. For this type of interior we recommend you take a look at abstract art and cubism. However, the styles described in the contemporary decor would also work!
  • Abstract Art & Cubism Art : Cubism is a form of Abstract art. Choosing a fine art print or painting in either of these styles for your room will immediately create a modern and urban look. Our large collection of Abstract art has a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking for something small and simple, or something large and extravagant our Abstract art is sure to give your living space a modern touch!
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