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Curio Buying Guide: Helpful Hints for Purchasing Your Curio

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Curio Buying Guide: Helpful Hints for Purchasing Your Curio

Curio Buying Guide: Helpful Hints for Purchasing Your Curio Curio cabinets are an elegant and functional way to display your precious items, while adding a touch of class to your home. With the many styles of curio cabinets that there are finding the right one can be a bit overwhelming. With standard curios, wall-mounted curios, or corner curios, we carry all sizes and styles for you to choose from for whatever needs you may have. If you need help or have questions about finding the one that most suits your needs, then take a quick look at this buying guide to help you in your search.

Find the Right Type of Curio
  • Wall Mounted Curios ? This is when the curio has the unique ability of hanging from the wall, so that it doesn't take up floor space. These offer supreme flexibility since they can be mounted in any room of the house, from the bathroom to the dining room.
  • Standard Curios ? This is the most common type of curio cabinet found. They are free standing and can support tremendous weights. They come with many features from locks to lights to mirrored backs.
  • Corner Curios ? This type of curio cabinet fits snug into the corner of the room. The corner design takes up only a little space in the room and allows for a smooth design.

    Choose Your Favorite Curio Style
  • Traditional ? With their rich look and curved designs these cabinets are timeless accents that have universal appeal and will dress up the interior of any home. Their solid wood frames and multiple finishes date back to the origin of the piece in the Renaissance where the same minds who challenged the thought of the common man unintentionally created these elegant presentation chambers.
  • Contemporary ? With newer looks and designs than the traditional curio cabinets; these accents have bolder lines with more modern appeal. While still holding true to their Renaissance roots, these curios combine the rich and hearty design of antiques with modern flair and technology. Combination curios with fireplaces and curios with lights in them adorn this group of presentation cabinets.
  • Casual ? These curio cabinets are universally appealing with their elegant design and unpretentious look. This is the perfect choice for the person who is looking for a piece of accent furniture to display their valuables, without getting overly flashy. Their durable frames and bold glass still make a statement, but they do not take away from the true treasures that they enclose.

    Select Curio Features
  • Lighted Curios ? This is when there is the capability to shine light inside the curio cabinet on your collectibles. With this feature you can illuminate your precious items all night long.
  • Fireplace ? This feature places a fireplace underneath a curio cabinet. The curio top allows you to display your collectibles over the warm electric fireplace.
  • Clock Curios ? This features both a functional clock and a curio cabinet to suit two needs at the same time.

    Curio Cabinet Diagram
    Curio Cabinets make a wonderful addition to any home and are sure to provide a home for all of your treasured collectibles. Their intricate designs and solid structure compliment whatever you chose to put in there, and allow for worry-free storage. The diagram below illustrates some of the many features curio cabinets have to offer.

    Curio Cabinet Diagram

  • Dining Furniture Style Guide: A Comprehensive Guide

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    Dining Furniture Style Guide: A Comprehensive Guide

    A dining area can be one of the most intimate atmospheres in your home. There is nothing more enjoyable than eating good food in the company of your family and friends. Finding the right dining room furniture to fit your needs can be a very demanding task. Fortunately for you, we offer hundreds of dining sets in different styles, sizes and shapes, such as pedestal tables and drop leaf tables, to suit any room size.
    To further accommodate your needs, please take a moment to read this style guide, which explains the different types of dining room furniture we sell, and mentions their main features. Having a better understanding of the key features for each dining style will help you pick a look that is right for you.

    Contemporary / Modern Dining Furniture Contemporary / Modern Dining Furniture:
    A mixture of wood, glass and metal, an s-shape table base, and abstract table legs impart a distinct, modern feel.
    Contemporary / Modern dining furniture sets add a truly unique and memorable touch to a dining area. The smooth surface tables usually have right angle corners, distinct edges, and asymmetrical lines. Characterized by design details and constructed of iron materials, these dining room furniture sets normally feature abstract designs, especially on the base or legs of the table and chairs. Overall, contemporary and modern dining sets brings a bold, distinctive character to any space.

    Traditional Dining Furniture Traditional Dining Furniture:
    Lightly carved details with a clean surface area create a majestic feel.
    Traditional dining furniture sets evoke images of understated elegance and the grand style of the 18th and 19th centuries. The tables come in various shapes and sizes, but they are most commonly rectangular or round, with a mix of straight and curved lines. Many pieces in traditional dining room furniture sets have light carved detailing with little or no surface decoration. Wood pieces will often be finished with darker stains.

    Transitional Dining Furniture Transitional Dining Furniture:
    Classic, with a dash of modern style, transitional dining sets make dynamic additions to any decor.
    Transitional dining furniture sets are a seamless blend of traditional and modern that fit in with almost any d

    Desk Chairs to Suit Your Needs

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    Desk Chairs to Suit Your Needs

    The working class spends a minimum of forty hours a week using desk chairs among other office items. This can prove to be a strain on the human body and psyche. Make sure your desk chair is as constructive as you are and get the right one to suit your needs.

    Target Your Use Desk chairs are equipped with a number of mechanisms that control the tilt, angle, tightness, swivel and a variety of other controls. Depending on how much time you spend sitting down, these controls can make a huge impact on your level of comfort.
    Heavy Duty These are essentially for people who sit for hours on end. Look for a desk chair with a tilt mechanism, a lethargy-reducing tool on the under side of the seat. Whether you lean forward or back, it will move with you to provide support so that your back is supported at all times.
    Moderate Use If you are a career climber, you are going back and forth between from your own desk chair to conference room daily. Consider a knee-tilt mechanism which will allow you to tilt to an angle and still keep your feet firmly planted. Products without this mechanism places you at risk for future discomfort of the spine.
    The CEO's Resting Zone Typically these types of desk chairs have the same operational features as the moderate use, but they are inevitably larger, more comfortable and stylish for the boss. The product is fashioned for the task-oriented head honcho who is going between meetings and conferences and spends a good deal of time working on the phone as well as the computer. Style, comfort and status are ideal features.

    Whichever Desk Chair You Fit, Remember:
  • It should allow your feet to comfortably touch the floor.
  • It should comfortably support your back.
  • It should allow you to tilt back with ease, yet remain firm and stable.
  • It should also allow for frequent posture changes.
  • Bookcase Buying Guide: A Step-by-Step Guide

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    Bookcase Buying Guide: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Before modern industrial publishing, the first books were stored in cupboards or in stacked on tables. With the evolution of the modern book that includes writing on the spine, the desire to display books and better store favorite titles became necessary. While bookcases have come a long way since the first days of publishing, the bookcase still communicates importance and durability. There's no better way to show off your favorite books mementos while creating a great focal point in your home or office than with one of our many bookcases.

    Step 1: Decide where your bookcase will be situated
    Choosing a spot for your bookcase is the first step in determining the right piece to fit in your home, and will establish what type of bookcase will best suit your needs. Make sure to measure not only the height and width of your wall space, but also the maximum depth available; this way the bookcase will not block foot traffic if it is situated near a doorway or common area. We offer a number of different types of bookcases compatible with your space:
    Standard - Made in a number of different heights and widths, standard bookcases sit flat against the wall and usually feature adjustable shelving deep enough to hold standard-depth books.
    Corner ? These space-saving bookcases are triangular in structure and may feature rounded shelves. While they do not hold as many books as a standard case, they are perfect for mementos and knick-knacks in your kitchen, bedroom, or office.
    Barrister ? Made popular by legal and government offices, these bookshelves are usually stackable to add more space as needed and also feature both clear doors that easily flip up and slide back out of sight when access is needed. Designed to fit both books and binders, these are classic style and high function all in one.
    Bookcase Walls ? Simulate a built-in and create a large storage area for not only books but for multimedia equipment and display items as well. While many of these wall units have components that also stand alone, a large area is needed to assemble the entire unit, giving it a built-in feel and a library atmosphere.
    Bookcase Headboards ? Perfect for the bedroom, these bookcases are designed to sit against the wall and feature the perfect height to also double as a headboard for your bed. Many of these feature sliding doors to tuck away books and other items needed when you are lounging in bed.
    Children's Bookcases ? Made of durable materials and shorter heights, these bookcases are especially designed for a nursery or playroom. Featuring bright finishes or mobile options, these bookcases engage children and help foster their interest in reading.

    Step 2: Determine the bookcase features you need
    Establishing the specific design features you require will help you to narrow down your bookcase search. Decide what kinds of items you are storing, and look for the features you need:
  • Adjustable shelves or doors to maximize display or storage options
  • Stackable or cube bookcases create a modular, customized design and sleek effect.
  • Metal, wood, and combination bookcases anchor the piece to the room.
  • Finishes available in light wood, dark wood, black, white, or custom colors create the perfect atmosphere and complement your other furniture.

    Step 3: Choose the perfect bookcase style
    We offer bookcases in a wide variety of designs and materials which you can mix and match to fit your home or office's unique d