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Curio Buying Guide: Helpful Hints for Purchasing Your Curio

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Curio Buying Guide: Helpful Hints for Purchasing Your Curio

Curio Buying Guide: Helpful Hints for Purchasing Your Curio Curio cabinets are an elegant and functional way to display your precious items, while adding a touch of class to your home. With the many styles of curio cabinets that there are finding the right one can be a bit overwhelming. With standard curios, wall-mounted curios, or corner curios, we carry all sizes and styles for you to choose from for whatever needs you may have. If you need help or have questions about finding the one that most suits your needs, then take a quick look at this buying guide to help you in your search.

Find the Right Type of Curio
  • Wall Mounted Curios ? This is when the curio has the unique ability of hanging from the wall, so that it doesn't take up floor space. These offer supreme flexibility since they can be mounted in any room of the house, from the bathroom to the dining room.
  • Standard Curios ? This is the most common type of curio cabinet found. They are free standing and can support tremendous weights. They come with many features from locks to lights to mirrored backs.
  • Corner Curios ? This type of curio cabinet fits snug into the corner of the room. The corner design takes up only a little space in the room and allows for a smooth design.

    Choose Your Favorite Curio Style
  • Traditional ? With their rich look and curved designs these cabinets are timeless accents that have universal appeal and will dress up the interior of any home. Their solid wood frames and multiple finishes date back to the origin of the piece in the Renaissance where the same minds who challenged the thought of the common man unintentionally created these elegant presentation chambers.
  • Contemporary ? With newer looks and designs than the traditional curio cabinets; these accents have bolder lines with more modern appeal. While still holding true to their Renaissance roots, these curios combine the rich and hearty design of antiques with modern flair and technology. Combination curios with fireplaces and curios with lights in them adorn this group of presentation cabinets.
  • Casual ? These curio cabinets are universally appealing with their elegant design and unpretentious look. This is the perfect choice for the person who is looking for a piece of accent furniture to display their valuables, without getting overly flashy. Their durable frames and bold glass still make a statement, but they do not take away from the true treasures that they enclose.

    Select Curio Features
  • Lighted Curios ? This is when there is the capability to shine light inside the curio cabinet on your collectibles. With this feature you can illuminate your precious items all night long.
  • Fireplace ? This feature places a fireplace underneath a curio cabinet. The curio top allows you to display your collectibles over the warm electric fireplace.
  • Clock Curios ? This features both a functional clock and a curio cabinet to suit two needs at the same time.

    Curio Cabinet Diagram
    Curio Cabinets make a wonderful addition to any home and are sure to provide a home for all of your treasured collectibles. Their intricate designs and solid structure compliment whatever you chose to put in there, and allow for worry-free storage. The diagram below illustrates some of the many features curio cabinets have to offer.

    Curio Cabinet Diagram

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