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Natural remedies for arthritis

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Natural remedies for arthritis

Natural treatments and remedies for arthritis sufferers. This list is for informational use only, please consult your physician before switching medications to natural remedies.
Arthritis sufferers all over the world are ever seeking relief for their pain. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this problem contrary to what many pharmaceutical companies claim. Taking their medicine will not cure any type of arthritis. Speaking to your physician for the latest research about your specific type of arthritis would be beneficial for finding pain relief.

With the rise of medications (and their prices) available to patients suffering with this ailment, many still prefer to seek natural remedies. This could be for any variety of reasons:
- The patient may have tried several medications that are either not working as well or at all for them anymore.
- The patient may not believe in healing their body chemically and wishes to find an organic remedy.
- The patient may not be able to afford their prescription medication anymore, so they are seeking a less costly alternative.
- The patient is concerned with side effects associated with a particular medication prescribed or suggested to them by their physician.

Listed below are several alternatives to arthritis medications. Before taking yourself off your current medication, it is strongly advised that you meet with your physician first. These are by no means medical claims; they are merely suggestions for those who are curious or seeking more information. Listed below are also common concerns, usage and (or) side effects related to each remedy.
- Acupuncture
- Animal foods: avoid them. Arachidonic acid found in meat provokes joint inflammation.
- Bee/snake venom: Little scientific backing, real chance for allergic reaction.
- Chondroitin: helps draw fluid into cartilage, improving shock-absorbing ability.
- Elimination diets/weight control: more weight equals more joint pressure. It is debatable if fasting reduces symptoms or not.
- Fish oils: controls inflammation in the body. Examples of other oils also used for the same purpose: flax, borage, sesame, sunflower and pumpkin.
- Food allergies: linked to many causes for arthritis. Common foods to look out for: wheat, corn, dairy, citrus, salt, caffeine, tomatoes, white potatoes, eggplant and peppers. (does not include black peppers)
- Ginger: Anti-oxidant, inflammatory with no major side effects.
- Glucosamine sulfate: builds cartilage with very few side effects.
- Magnets: results are still preliminary. Most commonly used in jewelry, clothing, and bed linens. It is stated that many of the magnets available on the market are not strong enough.
- MSM: Organic sulfur used to reduce inflammation.
- Nettle leaf: Reduces need for NSAIDS by 70% (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)
- Vitamin E: An antioxidant used primarily for osteoarthritis.
- Yoga, meditation, creative visualization and imagery.
- Aroma therapy
- Osteopathy and chiropractic therapy
- Homeopathy
- Environmental medicine
- Pantothenic acid

This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what arthritis sufferers can do when seeking natural remedies. Due to the lack of scientific study for many of these treatments, there is still cause for concern. Consult your physician, visit your local library or visit your favorite bookseller for more information and other alternatives.

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