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MONITORS The monitor is a television-like box except it is used in a computer for display. You can't use the computer at all without a monitor. The monitor is different from the television is many ways. It is flatter compared to the television. Television refreshes the screen by interlacing while the monitor is using non-interlaced functions. Monitors uses pixels to display, making it finer and better to display text.

Larger Resolution, Smaller Display: One thing you should know, since monitors measure by pixels, you should always set the resolution right. A larger resolution uses smaller pixels, making everything smaller but you have a larger view. The default is 640x480 but most prefer 800x600. For larger monitors, you can decide on 1024x800 or 1280x1024. Also remember, since there are more pixels, the higher the resolution, the slower the screen refreshes.

Decide On A Screen Filter: Although computer screens are just 30% of the radioactivity from the TV or less, you still might want to consider a screen filter. It helps filter up radioactivity. Never settle for a cheap screen filter. A lousy one won't filter the screen - it just darkens it. Always make sure that it won't make everything look dark. Some good screen filters provide a wire to clip it at the back of the casing to lose the radioactivity.

On the other hand, you should also make sure you don't need one. Here are a few points to guide you.
  • Your computer (& monitor) is placed under a bright place and can balance with the brightness of the monitor
  • Your monitor is anti-glare and non-reflective.
  • Your monitor produces little static and radioactivity.
  • Your monitor produces clear, crisp and not-too-bright images.
  • You won't have problems staring at the monitor for a long time.
  • If your monitor fits that criteria, you can forget the screen filter.

    Blink Your Eyes!
    This is not actually a hardware tip, just to let you know how important it is to blink your eyes. Your eyes don't actually get strained staring at the monitor, just loses moisture and making the eyes dry. It has been proven that people staring at the monitor for a long time has the tendency to blink less than the normal rate. Make an effort to blink your eyes. If not, try eye moisture drops.

    Degauss: Degauss is a very important function that helps you restore your monitor when colors are distorted or you noticed weird colors at the corners of your monitor. This is cause by magnetization that can be caused by jerking the monitor, shifting to a different direction or moving it across the globe (different magnetic field). The degauss control removes magnetization from your monitor
    Use the degauss control lightly. You should only degauss if you see color purity problems. Otherwise, don't use it. Too much degaussing stresses the circuitry components and overheats the large coil around the CRT. If possible, when the display clears up, shut down the monitor/computer for a while to let it cool down.

    Take Control: When your monitor comes, modify the factory default setting of your monitor! Get more colors or brightness. And stretch the screen to the fullest! Although this may sound trivial, a lot of people just think it's alright to follow the original setting, losing valuable screen space, you will be surprised to know how much bigger you can stretch the screen. A bigger display is always better.
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